SYNBIOGAS: Synthetic landfill microbiomes for enhanced anaerobic digestion to biogas


The interdisciplinary SYNBIOGAS consortium is an academic-industry partnership that utilizes all four scientific approaches requested by the CoBioTech call; we will utilize a systems biology 'big data' approach for the characterization and modelling of microbial biomass conversion in landfill sites; cutting-edge bioinformatics tools will be applied for in silico exploration of novel biomass-converting enzymes and network modelling of landfill biomass conversion; computational analysis will inform a synthetic biology approach towards the design of synthetic landfill microbiomes for optimal biomass conversion in landfill sites and AD plants; ultimately, we will develop biotechnological approaches to utilize our synthetic landfill microbiome to transform waste biomass residues into biogas and value-added products in a sustainable manner. In addition, we incorporate stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) within our proposal to ensure consideration of social, political, and economic implications of the approach, and generate a roadmap for technology adoption. Our project therefore directly addresses the ERA CallBioTech call's overarching aim of transforming the global economy from one dependent on fossil-based feedstocks, to developing biotechnology for a sustainable bio-based economy.

SYNBIOGAS consortium is an academic-industry partnership that will integrate diverse and cutting-edge technological, analytical, engineering, and computational approaches for characterization of the landfill biomass-degrading microbiome. Microbial isolations, DNA sequencing, enzyme characterization and computational modelling of landfill microbial biomass-conversion processes will inform the design and validation of optimized synthetic landfill microbiomes (SLMs) for enhanced waste biomass-conversion in AD plants and landfill sites, and to develop applications of the SLM that can be readily adopted by industry. Engineering biomass-degrading microbiomes is a new research frontier with many novel applications, including bioaugmentation and optimization of biomass conversion in AD and landfill systems towards an enhanced bio-based economy for waste management, environmental protection, and sustainable intensification of renewable energy generation.

Syn Biogas infographic